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Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society - Community Kitchen Program


Fresh Choice Kitchens trains and supports community kitchen facilitators in Vancouver and across BC. We offer a variety of workshops and support to our network of trainers. Our workshops can be tailored to meet your community's needs upon request. Contact us for further information.

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Workshop Descriptions

Community Kitchen Leadership Workshop

During this 6-hour workshop, community kitchen leaders will have the opportunity to find out more about community kitchens, different ways a group can work and how you can lead or start a community kitchen. Learn the history of the community kitchen movement and the effect it has had around the province. Hear about the different kitchen models that run successfully in our communities. Experience a community kitchen first hand!

Details: $45.00  Lunch will be provided.
Registration is limited to 15 people.
See photos from previous workshops.

Community Kitchen Roundtable

This free, 2-hour roundtable is an opportunity for community kitchen leaders to meet, share and hear about others' kitchen activities, challenges and successes. Come to our Vancouver office to participate in person or participate remotely via teleconferencing.
See the Roundtable Minutes on our blog for notes from previous meetings.
Details: Free to attend.
Teleconference participants: No long distance charges for those calling from within BC.

Train-the-Trainer Canning Workshop

This two-day workshop (7 hrs each day including lunch break) is for those who want to teach canning classes in their community.

  • Learn up-to-date safe canning practices as well as theoretical and practical techniques.
  • Review old and new canning equipment and tools.
  • Discuss the various canning products and ingredients on the market today.
  • Find out about canning and safe food handling resources available to you.
  • Discuss how to run a canning workshop that best suits your community's needs.

Participants must be:

  • Experienced in canning
  • Community agency representatives who will be running community canning classes

Details: $175.00 per person
Bring your own lunch.
Registration is limited to 10 people.

We can offer this workshop in other locations. Please contact us for more information.
See photos from previous workshops.

Safe Canning Basics

This one-day session (7 hrs including lunch break) for canning instructors/leaders will review the basics of both boiling water bath (BWB) canning and pressure canning. Learn about old and new canning equipment, tools and current canning products on the market. Get the latest information on safe-canning practices.

The workshop will consist of a Powerpoint presentation, demonstration and discussion. Due to time limitations, please note that there will be no hands-on component.

Details: $45.00 per person
Bring your own lunch.
Registration is limited to 15 people.

We can offer this workshop in other locations. Please contact us for more information.
See photos from previous workshops.

FOODSAFE Level One Courses

This 7-hour, provincially-recognized course is intended for community kitchen leaders who want to learn the basics about safe, food handling in a friendly, classroom environment. Qualified instructors answer all of your food-safety questions:

  • What should we be concerned with when handling food in our kitchens?
  • What are best, safe food-handling practices?

Our FOODSAFE Level One course is only offered in our Vancouver office twice a year. For information on FOODSAFE Level One courses in other parts of BC, please visit the FOODSAFE website.

Details: Sliding scale $50.00 – $95.00 per person
Lunch not included - please bring your own lunch.
Registration is limited to 20 people.
Because of the certification process there will be a final test at the end of the course; therefore, this course is suitable for individuals who have a grade 8 or higher reading comprehension level.

First Aid & Fire Safety Training Workshop

This 1-day, 4-hour workshop consists of 2 components. Participants must attend both components.

I. Save Somebody's Life (facilitated by Vancouver Fire Fighters)

  • Gain knowledge and basic first-aid skills needed in the first few minutes following an emergency in the kitchen
  • Acquire basic, emergency-response skills, advice on when to seek medical attention and experience through practice scenarios
  • Suitable for anyone who wants to learn basic life-saving skills, but does not require formal 'certification'
  • Topics covered include CPR and Choking

II. Fire Safety & Fire Extinguisher Training (facilitated by Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services)

  • Gain a basic understanding of fire safety and the use and limitations of portable fire-fighting equipment
  • Participate in "Hands-On" Fire Extinguisher Training on live fires
  • Come prepared for outdoor activities by wearing comfortable, casual clothes appropriate to the weather conditions on the day 
  • Topics covered include What is "fire"?, Classifications of fire, Leading causes of fire, Types of portable fire extinguishers, Making the "right" decision, Reporting an emergency, Smoke alarms and Evacuation plans

Details: $45.00/person
Registration is limited to 15 people.