Fresh Choice Kitchens

About Us

Our Services

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society (GVFB) offers a continuum of community kitchen support including:

  • front-line community kitchens in single-room occupancy hotels in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
  • regularly scheduled train-the-trainer workshops to train community kitchen facilitators
  • support to individuals and community groups who want to start or maintain community kitchens
  • an equipment donation program (we accept equipment and we provide equipment) to community kitchens in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster
  • networking opportunities for community kitchen facilitators.

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Our History

GVFB had its beginnings in the community kitchen movement in 1996 when it was a partner with the Vancouver Community Kitchen Project.   In 2008, this project became part of GVFB and was renamed  Fresh Choice Kitchens.  In 2013, Fresh Choice Kitchens and its community kitchen activities became part of the Food and Education Dept. of  GVFB.