Fresh Choice Kitchens

Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society - Community Kitchen Program

About Us

Fresh Choice Kitchens is the Community Kitchen Program of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society (GVFBS)*.
We are an educational resource program that uses a “train-the-trainer” model to train and support community kitchen facilitators across British Columbia.

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Our Mission

Fresh Choice Kitchens builds community around food and creates opportunities for people to cook together.

Our Services

Fresh Choice Kitchens promotes independence for community kitchens by offering:

  • regularly scheduled train-the-trainer workshops
  • new workshops in response to the growing needs of community kitchen facilitators, such as:
  • support to individuals and community groups who want to start or maintain community kitchens
  • advocacy for community kitchens and food security (described in our community initiatives)
  • an equipment donation program (we accept equipment and we provide equipment) to community kitchens in the Lower Mainland 
  • cooperative relationships with related organizations across the province

Community Initiatives

Fresh Choice Kitchens is active in the BC food movement – collaborating and partnering with related agencies to promote food education and awareness, and to promote and build cooking and nutritional skills. To find out about our involvement in the food community, visit our community initiatives.

Our History

Fresh Choice Kitchens was established in 1996 under its former name, the Vancouver Community Kitchen Project. Since its inception, this program has been actively involved in addressing food security by building the capacity of individuals and the community through advocacy, education, training, support and collaboration.

* As a program of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society, Fresh Choice Kitchens shares the same Registered Charity Number 107449787RR0001.